Erasmus+ Incoming 2023/2024

We are going to provide a series of Italian courses for students who participate in a placement test, which will take place on the Aulaweb in September.

Following the tests, a number of Italian 50-hour courses - level A1 through to C1 - will be made available to students. Lessons are held 4 times a week, each lesson lasts two hours. Each student can attend only one course per semester, for a maximum of 2 courses during the same academic year. Students who have added the courses to their learning agreement will be allocated 2 CFUs per course at the end of each course and only upon passing a relevant test

Only students who have attended at least 50% of the hours, are allowed at the final exam.

Students are required to add the course/s to their learning agreement by a given date which is yet to be disclosed.

Course titles and codes

Codes to fill out learning agreements:

  • A1 Italian Course: 89896
  • A2 Italian Course: 89897
  • B1 Italian Course: 89898
  • B2 Italian Course: 89899
  • C1 Italian Course: 89900 (offered only if a minimum number of participants is reached)

You will receive CFUs, which will then be transferred onto your Transcript of Records, only if the course is included in your Learning Agreement and if you take and pass the relevant exam at the end.

We suggest that you add the code to your Learning Agreement only after you have started the course to be sure that it is the right course for you and the right code to be included to your LA.

The 2 credits are not accompanied by a grade but they are comparable to a positive assessment (idoneità).

Term 1 

Students who took the placement test of 6/10/23 or 18/10/23 were included in italian courses and received an email with all informations.

In the first semester two A1 courses, one A2 course, one B1 course were activeted.

Absolute beginners

Who has declared that is absolute beginner, in the times and in the modalities demanded, has been inserted in a A1 course.

Placement test

Only those who take the placement test, or those who click on the absolute beginner section, will be included in our courses.


Term 2

Absolute beginners

Anyone who has declared himself an Absolute Beginner within the required times and methods will be included in an A1 course. 

For those who have passed the final exam in the first semester

Students who have attended a Italian course for Erasmus in the 1st semester, have passed the final exam and have requested to attend a further course within the required times and methods, will be included in a next level course.

Courses activated in the second semester

Only students who took the placement test on 8/03/2024, or who - by 8/03/24 and according to the required methods - declared themselves absolute beginners or who asked to participate in an Italian course following the one attended in the 1st semester, were included in the courses

The courses will presumably start from 8 April 2024 and will take place in presence. Courses from A1 to B2 will be activated, for a total of four courses (there is only one course for each level). Students enrolled in the courses will receive an email with all the information (name of the teacher, class schedule, date and place of the first lesson).

To obtain a level assessment statement (certificate)

We remind all those who have passed the test and need a certificate of level, to write to: providing your name, surname, matriculation number, course name and attained level. In order for the statement to be issued, the payment of a 16 Euro stamp duty must be made. It will be the Settore Sviluppo Competenze Linguistiche that will send you the link to the virtual payment.

Once the amount has been paid and the receipt of payment has been sent, the certificate will be issued.

Last update 22 March 2024